Elizabeth Dole graduated from Duke University and Harvard Law School and earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from Harvard. She was named Deputy to the Special Assistant for Consumer Affairs during the Nixon Administration, and went on to serve as one of the five Commissioners on the Federal Trade Commission. She then served as Assistant to President Reagan for Public Liaison. In 1983, she became the first woman to be appointed U.S. Secretary of Transportation, making safety of the traveling public – the advent of air bags, seat belt laws, and an age 21 drinking law – her top priority. Six years later, she was appointed U.S. Secretary of Labor, where her top priorities included workplace safety, enforcement of child labor laws, and multiple initiatives to break the “glass ceiling” for women and minorities. Elizabeth Dole was only the second woman to serve as president of the American Red Cross since Clara Barton founded the organization in 1881. During her eight years at the helm, a total transformation in the way the Red Cross collects, tests, and distributes one half of America’s blood supply was accomplished. She later became the first viable female candidate to seek the U.S. presidency. She became the first woman to represent North Carolina in 2002 when she was elected to the U.S. Senate. In 2012 she established the Elizabeth Dole Foundation to raise awareness and support for the 5.5 million caregivers of our nation’s wounded, ill and injured warriors. Senator Dole has received numerous honorary degrees and awards. Most recently, she received the Outstanding Civilian Service Medal, Department of the Army.